Caring for Your Dentures

Proper denture care is important for both the health of your dentures and your mouth. Below are some tips to maintain the look and integrity of your dentures and make them last longer.

Handle Dentures with Great Care

To avoid damaging your dentures if you accidentally drop them, handle them over a folded towel.

Brush & Rinse Your Dentures Daily

Many items will stain your dentures, including coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauces, curries, medications and your own saliva. Daily denture cleaning is critical in order to prevent plaque and tartar build up, food stains, bad breath, mouth infections and redness or irritation to your gums.

Like Natural Teeth, Dentures Must be Brushed Daily to Remove Food & Plaque

Brushing also helps prevent the development of permanent stains on the dentures. Remove your dentures, rinse them with water and brush them thoroughly after meals. Use a soft brush specifically designed for cleaning dentures, along with liquid dish or hand soap or denture toothpaste, which is less abrasive and therefore will not scratch the denture teeth.

Gently brush all surfaces of the denture and be careful not to damage the plastic or bend attachments. In between brushings, rinse your dentures after every meal.

Don’t forget to use a separate toothbrush and toothpaste to clean any natural teeth and your tongue and gums!

Care for Your Dentures Correctly when You Aren't Wearing Them

Dentures need to be kept moist when not being worn so they do not dry out or lose their shape. When not worn, dentures should be placed in a denture cleanser soaking solution or in water. However, if your denture has metal attachments, some cleansers may tarnish the attachments. We can recommend the best methods for caring for your particular denture.

If you have any questions regarding dentures, please contact us.

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